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Why should we hire a Wedding Planner?

A Wedding Planner will be a distinct asset in your wedding planning process. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend time with your fiancé and family rather than worrying about the details of your special day? A planner will take care of these details, leaving you to enjoy your engagement. On your wedding day, you’ll be the star of the show, while your planner works behind the scenes making your dreams come true. 

Why can’t I do the planning myself?

You can do the planning yourself and this is part of the fun. But it also can be a hassle: checking numerous sources for each supplier category, making sure all the details are in place and worrying about whether you’re getting the best deal or if everything will turn out alright. A wedding planner has the training and experience to make it all come together while you relax. 

What is the difference between a venue co-ordinator and a wedding planner?

A venue co-ordinator works for the venue. Their job is to answer your questions about the venue and assist you with your layout and tasting. It isn't their job to assist you with all of the details that go into planning your big day.

As a wedding planner our loyalty is to you, our client. Our job is to assess what level of service you need and do everything we can to ensure your wedding reflects your unique style and taste. 

My reception venue has a wedding co-ordinator; do I still need to hire a wedding planner?

Yes, a wedding co-ordinator is someone who will be contacted by a client if they want the extra reassurance of a professional there on the wedding day. A wedding co-ordinator will meet with a client, double check with suppliers, introduce themselves and finally attend on the day to make sure that everything happens the way it's supposed to. 

A wedding planner, on the other hand, will actually become involved from the very beginning of the planning process. They will plan everything from finding a venue and suppliers to actually being there on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly. This takes away a lot of the stress and worry from you. 

Do I need a wedding planner even though my family and friends have offered to help?

Yes, even though our families and friends have good intentions, your loved ones deserve to enjoy the day as much as you do and not spend it working. We are there to keep the day running smoothly and offer a high level of service. 

Are wedding planners an added expense?

A wedding planner is part of your budget, not an extra expense. In fact you often save money because a consultant suggests affordable alternatives that still enhance your wedding. The wedding planner will work with you to produce your dream wedding, including the consultant’s fee, all within your budget.

Wedding is a fusion of Traditions, Emotions, Enthusiasm of relations sanctity and Celebrations associated with Marriages. It is the beginning of an eternal love affair & it is the most important event in one's life apart from Birth and Children!
Marriages, Parties & Events have always been an important part of the Indian way of life. Symbolizing the auspicious merging of two Destinies, in a way it is Grand celebration of life itself. In our culture, a Wedding has always been an occasion for some mega celebrations. 
But the last few years has have seen it growing exponentially in its sheer scope and extent. The reasons are not far to seek. Fulled by a formidable spending power and exposure to International lifestyle trends, Indians are getting more and more imaginative when it comes to organising a Wedding, Party or Event. 
No more it is a household affair, managed by the Elders, from Wedding Planners to Wedding Stylists, it has traveled a full circle. As an industry, it is one of the fastest growing and is worth a staggering Rs.50,000 Crores and still growing. 
We at the Aayojan Online Event Planners, India take great pleasure introducing ourselves as group of Professionals specializing in Wedding Parties & Events Designing and Co-ordination since 1988 based in India. We are the only ISO 9001-2008 certified Wedding Styling and Co-ordination Company.
We have a team of expert Professionals and Infrastructure, to execute each and every Event immaculately. We customise Wedding, Parties & Events according to your Taste, Style, Budget & Requirements.

As people spend lots of money on Weddings, Parties and Events but they involve their selves in each and every affair in such a way that at the end of the day they feel that they have not seen the wedding of their only Son/Daughter or they have not been able to enjoy the functions. 
That is why, a Wedding Planner-Co-ordinator is required to make you and your family & friends comfortable. 
We at Aayojan Online Event Planners are here to take care of every thing right from Invitation Cards to Honeymoon Destinations, Theme based Weddings, Musical Extravaganzas and formal Parties and we Organize it all.

We make you comfortable to enjoy each and every function along with your family, friends and relatives.

A team of our experienced Professionals from different fields visit your place when most of the family members/executives of the company are there to know their priorities. You have to tell us that :

  • What is the Occasion? 
    + Wedding 
    + Theme Party 
    + Event & Shows
    + Fair & Festivals
    + Seminars 
    + Conferences
    + Annual Ball of Corporate
    + Exhibitions
    + Cultural Programmes
    + Theme Parties
    + Film & Video Shootings
    + Business Enjoyments
    + Corporate Lunches
    + Fashion Shows
    + Conventions
    + Product Launches.

    b. How many functions are there and when?
    + Engagement
    + Ring Ceremony
    + Mehandi
    + Sangeet
    + Cocktail
    + Bachelors Party
    + Wedding
    + Reception
    + Birthday
  • + Theared Ceremony
    + Anniversary 
    + etc and their tentative dates for the same. Is there any Theme or Dress Code of each Function.

    c. How many Guests will be their in each and every function? 
    Proposed guests list.

d. Where you want to Organise these functions? 
As lots of people are opting for Destination Weddings or Parties. 
Do you want to explore Global Destination Weddings, which are exclusive different and have unique experience i.e. Royal, Beach, Adventure, Romantic, Religious Venue, Metropolitan & Himalayan Weddings. 
e. What is the Budget? 
Total Budget of the Wedding, Party or Events also preferences if any of itemized budget. 
f. Requirements of each and every member of the family.
Priorities if any of all the family members.
After that we plan it out and spread whole of the budget, looking in to the family requirements for different services required.
After getting approval from your end about Plans and Budget. We do Vender Selection, Negotiations, Co-ordination, Supervision, Control & Management of services on your behalf. 
1. Designer Invitations & Accompaniments.
2. Shopping & Trousseau.
3. Venues & Accommodation.
4. Sets, Themes, Concepts & Decorations.
5. Menu Planning, F & B and Bar Tendering Services.
6. Designers & Accessories.
7. Choreography, Music & Entertainment.
8. Photography : Still & Video.
9. Rentals Services.
10. Wedding and Hospitality Management & Other allied services.

Initial consultation meeting with our executives for an hour to understand your taste, style, requirements , budget, culture, traditions, customs & vendors to be utilized is absolutely free. 
Then further Packages can be selecte as per your requirements.

Off course we charge a fee on percentage basis, it can also be in lump sum as well.But all this depends upon scope of our involvement in the Project.

It includes Planning, Co-ordination & Smooth Execution by our expert Professionals. But at the same time we save you more than this. 
As you Organise Weddings or Parties once in a while where as we do lots of functions every year. We have corporate rates from our Venders/Service Providers.
As the payments are made by your good self directly to the service providers so these special rates are passed on to your good self. 
This way you enjoy the functions as we make you and your family & friends comfortable as well as you save a lots of money too. 

We do take projects on turn key basis as well.
+ Announcement Party
+ Engagement: Sagai
+ Catering
+ Sangeet DJ Musical Program
+ Cocktails
+ Bachelor's Party
+ Wedding
+ Pre-Wedding: Mehendi
+ Thread Ceremony
+ Reception 
+ Birthday
+ Anniversary

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